SSC, the American automaker famed for their Bugatti-fighting Ultimate Aero record beater, have confirmed they are currently in production of their final car. The final Ultimate Aero, dubbed the XT special edition was originally announced back in August of this year, and is reportedly being sold to a North American buyer.

The XT edition Aero is equipped with a mid-mounted twin-turbo 6.9 liter V8 producing a tariff inducing 1,300hp and 1,004lb-ft of torque. Power is fed through a suitably tough seven-speed SMG style transmission. A sprint to 60mph comes up in just under 2.7 seconds and 200mph just thirteen seconds after.

The Ulimate Aero is to be replaced in 2013 by the brand new Tuatara, which will be the “future of the company” according to SSC North America founder Jerod Shelby. Shelby goes on to impart his sentiments towards the Aero’s legacy;

This is the last of the Ultimate Aero legacy and the customer is extremely excited to be the owner of the last one ever built. I have to admit that I am a little sad to know this is the last Ultimate Aero to roll off the line, but that feeling is overshadowed by the excitement I have for the upcoming release of the Tuatara.

Expect to hear more on the Tuatara in early 2013. The Tuatara is aiming to reclaim the title of world’s fastest production car from the current holder, the Bugatti Veyron.

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