From a distance it was clear that something had happened with this dark red Lamborghini Gallardo in Dubai. At first it looked like a huge fail with respect to its paint job, but after a short conversation with the owner we found out that the reason for this bicolore look has been an intensive meet ‘nd great with the desert of Dubai. The dark red coloured Lamborghini Gallardo was covered with grit.

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  1. Ok here is the deal!! This car has a coat of a substance that is very commonly used in the gulf when the car is traveling from one country to the other by driving across the desert, the yellow substance is a spray on to cover the original color, and it could be easily removed by washing the car.. So no worries the car is intact, and obviously, the owner drove from Qatar to Dubai on sandy roads and covered the car with this spray on substance.. Go see it the next day , you would find the car washed and no trace of this yellow thing on it.. That’s about it..


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