The 2012 Bologna Motor Show did not include any highlight or introduction. This year’s car show in the Italian city close to Supercar Valley featured hardly any important supercar brand.

One display featured a number of new supercars like the McLaren 12C Spyder, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and the Ferrari 458 Italia. Check below all the cars our Italian reporter Matteo spotted at the event.

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  1. What is the vehicle in pictures 28 and 29? It looks like a rabid cross between an VW Beetle and a Fiat 500 with wheels of a Koenigsegg CC8S

  2. I spoke with the man who realized this car, It’s an old Fiat 500 (only some parts) totally changed and adapted with a new specific chassis, suspension, brakes, gear box all helping equip it with a Lamborghini Murcìelago engine with 580 hp!! The car was completed the day before the opening of the exhibition and in the coming months will continue the development and testing even if it’s already fully functional.

  3. That’s great. These creations are usually the more interesting aspect of any show.

    Not sure if there is much heat shielding from the first picture but that interior will be one extremely warm area once the Murci engine starts powering along. Hot and fun!


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