Tuning specialist Brabus has officially shown their new SL-Class B50 – 520 to the public at the Essen Motor Show 2012. The Germans pulled the wraps off the car after their initial release in September covering the complete program for the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class.

The sixth generation SL Class gets a set of aerodynamic, wheel, suspension and power upgrades which help refine the package and create a custom look for the owner. The B50 – 520 program features 85 horsepower more from the 4.7 liter eight-cylinder Biturbo engine for a total figure of 520hp and 820Nm of torque. Zero to 100km/h is now possible in just 4.4 seconds with top speeds limited electronically to 250, 275 or 300km/h.

On the subject of design, Brabus fitted a new aerodynamic package, which consists of a custom-fitted front fascia, add-on modules for the side sills and rear fascia as well as a rear spoiler and side air vents for the front fenders. The 20 inch Monoblock wheels finish off the exterior looks.

For the suspension, Brabus teamed up with specialists Bilstein to provide a set of sport springs for the SL350 with conventional steel suspension. For the active ABC suspension system, Brabus offer an electronic module that lowers ride height by 25mm.

Inside the cabin, Brabus fitted a scuff plate with backlit Brabus logo, a speedometer with 360km/h dial and Brabus pedals. Carbon fiber or fine wood trim sets are also available as are bespoke Mastik leather and Alcantara interiors.

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