Porsche and Mercedes Wreck in Fatal Car Crash in Belgium

A little after six o’clock this past Sunday morning, two men aged 26 and 27 were involved in a serious car accident. The accident occurred in Belgium Bree, just across the border from Budel Dorplein. Police reports are stating the two drivers got into an altercation at a local nightclub earlier in the evening, before racing their Porsche Cayenne and an unspecified model AMG Mercedes.

The two cars reportedly collided while traveling at high speed through a roundabout, with the Porsche ending up upside-down in the ditch adjacent to the road. Although details are foggy, early reports point to a third, uninvolved Belgian driver being fatally wounded in the wreck.

Police on the scene were heard as saying on record that, the wreck occurred at speeds above 70 mph. The translation is a bit suspect here, so take these quotes with a grain of salt. Local police went on further stating; “We will have to wait for traffic analysis to come back before any final conclusions are made”.

Our thoughts go out to the third driver who was killed.

Some pictures of the final crash scene:

Porsche and Mercedes Wreck in Fatal Car Crash in Belgium 01

Porsche and Mercedes Wreck in Fatal Car Crash in Belgium 02

Porsche and Mercedes Wreck in Fatal Car Crash in Belgium 03

Porsche and Mercedes Wreck in Fatal Car Crash in Belgium 04


  1. The unfortunate result of the combination of Youth and Inexperience + More performance than should be allowed in such hands + an unhealthy dose of the ‘ Red Mist ‘ along with allowing the little head to rule the larger one .

    Seriously … some of the accidents shown here one can have a good laugh over . But this one is a blatant , horrid , avoidable tragedy and my heart goes out to the third innocent bystanders family who’s only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time .

  2. I live 20 miles from the crashsite.

    The two cars ran at high speed over a roundabout.

    The cayenne lost his engine during his flight, two passengers died. They found a great amount of cash money in the cayenne.
    Driver had no serious injuries.
    One of the passengers had a brace around his leg (from prison).

    The C class (c 30 cdi amg)2 passengers hurt badly.
    Driver had no serious injuries.

    Al parties are known for drug offenses

  3. here’s ya go chew on this..

    In some cases the suckiest shit in the world is to understand/know how our death cycle works as I do, for the part reason being the cause and effects of perpetual motion of consciousness from such events.

    The world is scripted people’s just like a perfectly sinked production line (of thoughts emotions processes) that runs like clock work.

    So as to generate a positive perpetual motion effect of consciousness, in this case emotions we do not like, these emotions and other various processes we generate also activate as well as our lower body’s and our higher bodys energy generating abilities, are what sustains the world/universes workings including how our planets orbit the universe.

    That’s right our consciousness runs and sustains our universes and all that is in it with our emotions and other processes (energy) we generate. so as we can exist.

    The saying goes we are ONE with all including the universe..
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    Energy system changes shortly.

    Be all over the TV this year and early next.

    Go study where all the bodys and or body parts are or go from a terroist attack bombing.


    What abouth the regrowth of limbs programme in place.

    Study or look into how individuals from such attacks missing for a decade or more are now home with there loved ones. (over the last couple of months).

    Study morgues…where do those body’s go (Teleport) …hmmm……similar to that of just like brushing dirt off ya back to those in the know.. (those meaning Spirit world = why i visit this site)

    Freaky world man.. i know there are many who frequent this site that are fully aware of the above happening..

    It’s a 2012 thing … end of the world “as we know it”.

    No I’m not on drugs or alcohol, i work with the worlds leading in various industries (neurology mostly)

    Sorry for the family’s in mourning.


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