Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has officially revealed the 2013 model year Ghost with subtle enhancements, such as new leather, stereo and boot release. There is also a new forged alloy wheel design next to the choice of 44,000 exterior paint options. The worldwide release follows an earlier showcase in Monterey at Pebble Beach 2012.

Thew 2013 Ghost gets the very best soft, natural grain leather and wood veneers used throughout its interior. It has also been fitted with an upgraded amplifier for the stereo and the addition of what Rolls-Royce calls “exciter” speakers in the headlining. These speakers are intended to improve the sound quality by emitting sound closer to the passenger’s ear.

The final upgrade is the option to the bootlid with your foot, first-ever on a Rolls-Royce. As long as you have the key in your pocket, the boot will open automatically once you – or your driver – places a foot underneath the center of the rear bumper. This is something we have seen before on Audi and BMW models.

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