Wimmer RS has released a 1,020hp Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The Germans upgraded the engine drastically and enhanced the looks of the sports car with a new vinyl and different wheels.

Two optimized Wimmer turbochargers, an optimization of the air induction, sports camshafts and crankshaft, timing chains, machined cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods, a fuel pump unit, two manifolds with bypass and two 200 cell sport catalysts the power unit was enhanced to an astonishing 1,020hp at 7,340rpm and 1,108Nm torque at 5,680rpm.

The flap controlled sport exhaust system complements the package. The custom-designed 19 inch wheels in combination with a three-way adjustable competition suspension from KW make sure the power is converted to the road.

From zero to 60mph it takes just 3.4 seconds, after 8.7 seconds the 120mph mark is passed and 180mph is reached within 15.5 seconds. The top speed is indicated with 389km/h.

Finally, the outer skin was wrapped by the Cam Shaft company from Kempen and the foil manufacturer Bruxsafol.



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