A rare lightweight alloy-bodied Mercedes 300SL is about to be auctioned. This special version of the iconic two-seater sports car with distinctive gull-wing doors is one of just 29 examples produced, making it one of the most sought-after cars in the world. An aluminium Gullwing was sold for an impressive $4.62 million last January.

Back in 1955, the production Mercedes 300SL could be ordered with an all-aluminum body. The lightweight version of the Gullwing was nearly 200 pounds or 90kg lighter than the standard steel-bodied version. Besides the special body, this particular model received more competition-oriented upgrades to the suspension, including installation of special springs and dampers, as well as the addition of Rudge knock-off wheels. Furthermore, this model is also equipped with Plexiglass windows and vented brake drums.

Developed with wealthy sportsmen and privateers in mind as an alternative to British and Italian sports cars, this optional package came with a price tag 5,000 DM quite an amount of money in those days. This explains the rarity of this model. In total, approximately 2% of the total Gullwing production was fitted with an alloy body.

The lightweight Gullwing which will be offered is the 21st of 29 built. The arguably one of the most significant road-going Mercedes-Benz ever made will be auctioned in London on Wednesday, October 31. For more information visit the website of RM Auctions.

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