Video Tesla Model S vs BMW F10M M5 Drag Race

Our colleagues over at Automobile Magazine have pit the Tesla Model S against the BMW F10M M5 in a zero to 100mph drag race during their 2013 Automobile of the Year testing. In the video below, you will see the latest version of the BMW M5 up against an electric sedan. Any clue who wil win?

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  1. well due to electric motor and max torque available from 0 RPM Tesla doesn’t need a launch control, just step on the accelerator and you’re off. It could be even faster if it had AWD. It should be available as an option when the Model X will be released.

    But there’s a problem with top speed, only 130 mph. But if it had 2 or 3 speed gearbox like Exagon Furtive e-GT…

  2. @xDamiano That’s what a hybrid solves, in my opinion batterie powered car will never get rid of this, thats why hydrogen is the future.

  3. @urdrago can you buy any hydrogen car? Is there even a prototype that match Model S? Do You know about the costs of building a whole refueling infrastructure from zero! And lastly have You heard about the Tesla Supercharger :)

  4. @damiano The Bugatti Veyron has showed us the exponential growth of consumption with top speed, the Batteries as we know today are not capable of such a huge energy storage this is the achilles heel of electric cars. The supercharger will only increase the speed of charging, the batteries will be anyway small so with top speed will consume at the same speed, like a simulation program blows superfast your laptop battery if not plugged.


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