The tenth anniversary of the Porsche Carrera Cup was held this weekend at Silverstone when 200 guests attending a celebration evening at the Porsche Experience Centre.

The 911 GT cars have 450hbp, 3.8 liter flat-six engine and rear wheel drive. All the cars are the latest 911 GT3 Cup and were new for the 2011 season.

The first race of the weekend was held on Sunday but was delayed due to dense fog which covered the circuit, once the fog had cleared the race was able to go on its way.

The twenty eight lap race had seventeen cars go out onto track with two drivers unable to complete the race. No.23 Daniel Lloyd and No.99 Keith Webster.

Pole position was taken by Ben Parker after qualifying fastest with a time of 56:340. The winner of race one was No.20 Ben Parker, second went to No.1 James Sutton and third to No.45 Rory Butcher.

The second race of the day had No.0 Micheal Meadows in pole position. Michael continued to win the second race ahead of No.5 Richard Plant, and third was No.8 Jonas Gelzinis.

The championship was wrapped up at Silverstone where No.0 Michael Meadows was awarded the winner of the 2012 season. He has a fifty-four point lead heading into the last round at Brands Hatch with only fifty points up for grabs. Ben Parker who sits in second position ahead of No.7 Sam Tordoff. He will have to ensure he continues his previous success of five race wins leading up to the final race at Silverstone and hold onto second position.

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