By now, we’ve all seen plenty of pictures from the awkwardly timed preview of the Porsche 918 Spyder. The event coincided with Gran Turismo Event‘s second Nurburgring track day of the year, meaning plenty of photographers were on hand to snap Porsche’s latest supercar!

Chris Harris posted his fifteen minute run down of the Porsche 918 Spyder today on the DRIVE channel giving us a passenger side opinion. Take a look below and follow the embedded link for more details on the Porsche 918 Spyder!

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  1. Sorry guys . I like Chris Harris – love the whole DRIVE TV thing …. but despise this pretentious attempt by Porsche to ‘ Blind Us with Science ” when in reality a straight forward ICE without all the added weight of the Hybrid ( lets call a spade a spade here …. its KERS ) hoopla would of gotten Porsche better numbers from 0-60 to mpg .

    I truly am becoming disgusted – first of all with the manufactures trying to pull the wool over our eyes with over complicated overpriced under performing junk like the 918 .. and second with all the punters , pundits and gearhead wanna be’s that are impressed by the Dog & Pony show being thrown at them ;-(

  2. Guitar,I can appreciate opinions but how upset are you really with the 918?Did you get bumped from the list at Porsche and Ferrari for their latest and greatest KERS machines, which in fact are faster and more efficient than their predecessors? The prices are astronomical but that’s par for the course- and they generally don’t lose value.


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