Video Heffner's World's First Eight Second Lamborghini Gallardo

This is the first official video footage of the world’s first Heffner Performance Lamborghini Gallardo to break the eight second barrier in the quarter mile. The US tuner released the video clip on their YouTube Channel last week.

This was the first outing for this particular car which went very well. The twinturbo Gallardo was driven to and from the track and was run in street trim. Heffner did not share any details on the performance of the Gallardo, but we easily suggest a performance higher than 1,000hp.

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  1. Ahem.. Underground Racing posted a video yesterday of their TT Gallardo doing the 1/4 mile in 8.355 sec @ 181mph with even longer gear ratios (UGR passed the finish line in 4th whereas this did it in 5th).

    So UGR was able to make a car that is built for a mile 0.4 sec faster than Heffner built a car for 1/4 mile..
    Come on Heffner! Try to keep up!

  2. Christmas day ! So what did they spend to do the 1/4 in 8 seconds ? $300K ? $400K ?

    Heck my neighbors street legal 69 Camaro does it in 7:49 and he’s only got $70K into the thing ;-)

    And one of the writers here questions why anyone would want a muscle car . To beat up on pretentious over priced EuroSnobs . Thats why !

    ( bragging about 8 seconds like that was something special ….. hah ! )

  3. @GS “To beat up on pretentious over priced EuroSnobs . Thats why !” ..until they need to turn, stop, or do something beyond going in a straight line. 1/4 = boring and irrelevant..

  4. Pah.. No Sweat Racing R33 was making 8 second passes today at over 5000 foot altitude and it never cost what that engine cost to build :)

    That is none the less very impressive man what a car!

  5. lol…1/4 mile boring, get in a 4-5 second rail and see if it’s boring, it takes a sh!!t load of skill to drive one of them.

    Thats 402m/439yrds of wheel spin at over 280mp/h/450km/h, keep’n it straight… well if thats boring to you, what do you do before it’s enteraining to you..600mp/h.

    You can’t steer is what you just told all!


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