Ferrari presented their completed model range at the Paris Motor Show 2012 alongside the monocoque structure for the new Ferrari F70! Now that the F12berlinetta has been released, the standard Ferrari model range is complete. It’s been revitalized from top to bottom with the Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari FF and Ferrari F12berlinetta completing a new generation.

Of course, the model range is simply a distraction from what people really wanted to see from the prancing horse. We didn’t get a full release of the F70, however, we got to see the carbon fibre monocoque that will form its central structure! The official details reveal that four different types of carbon-fibre have been used and hand-laminated before curing in autoclaves.

The main structure is made from T800 carbon with areas of T800UD unidirectional carbon-fibre tape also included for reinforcement. To ensure weight was kept to an absolute minimum, the structural underbody and the cross-member are made from high tensile strength carbon-fibre known as M46J. In certain critical areas, such as the doors, very tough T1000 has been used to absorb impacts. Carbon-fibre is combined with Kevlar for the undertray to prevent damage from debris thrown up from the road.

Overall, the chassis is 20 percent lighter than the Enzo Ferrari, despite the extra weight required by housing the hybrid components and more stringent regulatory obligations. Torsional rigidity is increased by 27 per cent and beam stiffness is up by 22 per cent. According to several sources, the seats will be fixed into the structure and a moveable pedal and steering wheel system will offer different sized drivers greater room.

The press release also mentions the fact that Ferrari’s new model range features approximately 100hp increases across the model range. Fuel consumption and emissions have also been reduced by 30 per cent compared to four years ago thanks to work done not only on engines and structural components, but also on aerodynamics, tyres and vehicle sub-systems.

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