A few months agao we reported on the developemnt of a new version of the KTM X-Bow sports car. The Austrian manufacturer will also offer a version of its relentlessly track-focused X-Bow with a windscreen. And it will even have doors! The new model will debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2013.

The company will also attempt an assault on the LMP2 category at Le Mans, possibly using a five-cylinder engine sourced from Audi. The turbocharged TT-RS engine fits in the X-Bow engine nicely and could also end up in the road car.

KTM X-Bow Montenergy with a Roof 01

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  1. Hmmmn …. lets see now . How many X-bows in its current guise had KTM sold ? Errrr…… next to none . So why do we need a new one ?

    Oh yeah . Thats right . The Alfa Romeo 4C is based on the old one …. therefore … KTM/Dallara’s got a bit more cash coming in …. so they thought they’d one up the 4C with a new one

    That must be it . Can’t think of any other reason to continue on with the X-bow seeing as how big a sales , not to mention performance flop its been

    Hint to all potential 4C and X-bow customers ? Take a look in your own backyard ( UK ) and buy something off the Lotus lot . You’ll be glad you did .


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