German tuner DMC has released a new package targeting potential buyers of earlier Gallardos and facelifts the car into a 2012 LP570 style. They named the kit the DMC Lamborghini Gallardo “SOHO”.

To achieve greater downforce on the front, DMC offers a redesigned front bumper that adds the latest LP570 style to the old bull from St’Agata. It is being manufactured in pure carbon fiber. The kit continues with matched side diffusers, a massive rear wing, and a new rear fascia. A new rear diffuser completes the look and supports the redesigned aerodynamics of the car. On the inside, DMC offers a complete make-over using carbon fiber and fine Italian leathers.

Thanks to DMC’s Engine Performance facility in Zurich, Switzerland, the tuners were able to get some additional oomph to the Gallardo’s V10 engine. Gallardos that seek tuning either come with a 500 or 520hp base engine. DMC will able to come up with an increased 40hp and 30Nm, achieving a new top-speed of 322km/h for both versions.

A DMC stainless sports rear silencer (end pipe) complements the package offering an enhanced soundtrack. Customers can also extend their exhaust system with a DMC sport metallic catalytic converter. This conversion brings an additional 28hp and 50Nm.

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