McLaren Automotive used Monterey Car Week 2012 to present the McLaren X-1, a unique customer commissioned project. The X-1 was realised through McLaren’s Special Operations Department which deals with all customisation requests for McLaren road cars. McLaren flew the X-1 out to California for yesterday’s The Quail gathering, today it should be heading back to the factory. When it reaches Woking it will receive a final check before being delivered to the customer.

The McLaren X-1 features a carbon MonoCell with completely unique bodywork. The design brief for the car was ‘timeless and classical elegance’. It’s the work of McLaren’s Design Director Frank Stephenson and RCA graduate Hong Yeo and the design took 18 months to sign off. All bodypanels are carbon fiber with gloss black and exposed carbon finishes. The complete design is bespoke as and includes unique front and rear lights which look like the McLaren Automotive logo.

Underneath, mechanicals remain unchanged from the McLaren MP4-12C which means the X-1 features a 3.8 liter V8 bi-turbo aluminum with variable valve timing and 600hp. Maximum torque is 600Nm between 3,000 and 7,000rpm. For full details on the McLaren X-1 follow the embedded link.

This video below features the new McLaren X-1, designed by McLaren for a Middle Eastern customer and based off the MP4-12C. The car is said to cost $7,000,000.

Photos by Gordon Cheng!

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  1. Am I the only one that connects the front of the car with the Peugeot 508? And the rear is, well, a bit american-ish from the 50s era. Not completely convinced about the design, I mean, the High Sport MP4-12C was spot-on, this though… well, let’s say it is original, nothing more than that

  2. The front of this car is the only part which resembles any other car in the market at the moment and unfortunately it resembles a Audi R8 and not a Mclaren-too bad. Like every other “different” looking supercar out there the more you look at it, the more your eyes gets used to it and eventually people will start appreciating it more – that being said many will never find it an attractive car. In the end what matters is that the owner got what he wanted.


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