Daimler AG never fully confirmed the final ending to the luxury brand Maybach until today. Daimler and Mercedes finally ended the silence and confirmed the death of Maybach.

A price list with the word ‘Discontinued’ next to all Maybach models confirms the fact we already knew since November last year when Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche was quoted in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Daimler will continue to produce the Maybach models until the fifth generation of the S-Class will be unveiled in 2013, which will fill in the void left by Maybach. Dieter Zeche plans to extend the number of S-Class derivatives from a current three to seven.

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  1. Actually guys Daimler Mercedes Benz was quite clear going on almost a year now that the Maybach line was in its final days ( The Star – MBOCUSA newsletters -Autolinedetroit – Autoweek – etc etc ) and would be discontinued . Seriously how much fuller , definite or clearer could they of been ?

  2. No matter what your opinion of it, it’s always a sad day when a unique car is phased out or discontinued. Many called Maybachs oversized S-classes with twice the pricetag, which isn’t exactly untrue, but there was nothing in the world like them, and there will never be again. Also keeping in mind that its not just the death of the modern Maybachs, but for the entire marque and all its history, it is a sad day.


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