Dutch car maker Donkervoort has almost finished their test work for the new D8 GTO. Following earlier information and specification, we can now share with you the results of the tests done together with Audi.

Donkervoort have chosen to use a, five cylinder 340hp 2.5 TFSI Audi motor. This makes it possible to provide either a standard 340hp model or an uprated 400hp model. Torque tops out at 450Nm from about 1,600rpm. To access the extra power, a switch is located in the dashboard, next to a button for the traction control, another first for the D8.

A sprint from zero to 100km/h is done in three seconds, the top speed is 255km/h. A sprint from 100 to 200km/h in the standard mode with 340 horsepower is accomplished in an impressive 6.1 seconds.

One last test session at the high speed track in Nardo and tests for type approval will be done in the upcoming months following the official launch in the autumn. Donkervoort reports that 19 of the 25 cars have been reserved.

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  1. THIS ! …… is what Caterham should of been building all along . Instead it took the only Dutch Automotive Company with a modicum of Business sense to make it . The D8 GT was brilliant . With the five pot in its snout …. the D8 GTO should be sublime .

    Take note Spyker ! THIS is what a Dutch Exotic auto manufacture IS capable of doing . When ….. errrr …. they’re not spending all that time in your Dutch ‘ Cafe’s ‘ …..courting pretentious Russian Oligarchs … and pretending to field an F1 team …. not to mention pretending to build anything resembling an exotic . Spyker’s being Xmas Trees on wheels with the pretense of supercardom ;-) I got your number Spyker .

    Donkervoort – Two thumbs up …… with a bullet ( music business lingo ya know )


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