The latest news concerning the Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake is the release of a Panamera-based wagon concept next month at the Paris Motor Show. The Germans will showcase the new model to show their first design clues with respect to a production version that could arrive in several years.

According to, it will not arrive before 2016 and be part of a second-generation Panamera lineup. The wagon idea comes from customer interest who seems to be interested in a more versatile version of the Panamera, one with more luggage space than today’s liftback model.

The Porsche wagon or shall we say shooting brake will get an extended roofline, angled tailgate and split-folding rear seats. The trunk space will also increase. The model is expected to offer a similar type of versatility as the Cayenne and Porsche’s upcoming midsize SUV, the Macan.

Porsche will showcase a wagon with a standard-wheelbase configuration in Paris, but a long-wheelbase variant for selected markets is also considered. Alongside the wagon, Porsche is said to be progressing on coupe and cabriolet versions of the Panamera to be based on a short-wheelbase structure.


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