Gumpert Apollo S Crash at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

Nancy, the passenger in the Gumpert Apollo S that crashed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 released footage from a dash-mounted GoPro that captured the whole accident. It’s not easy viewing but it shows the forces involved in such an impact. The car, piloted by Tony Gilham, entered Molecombe Corner with a bit too much speed, clipped the grass verge and lost traction. It ended up in the hay bales.

As you’ll see from the video the car hit quite hard. The driver was okay, however, Nancy suffered from whiplash and felt pain and numbness in her right side. The door had to be removed from the car and she had to wait in hospital for five hours before being given the all-clear.

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  1. No wonder she suffered from whiplash – her safety harness isn’t done up at all.

    No one tightened it for her – you can see the first time they brake lightly she’s flung forward, and is left to hold on to parts of the car to keep herself secure.


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