Since we’ve seen a lot of new colours for the Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador recently, we thought we’d bring you an update to our old Lamborghini Aventador post! After exhausting the standard colour spectrum, it seems that owners went that bit further to make their car even more jaw-dropping than the rest. The gallery below reveals some of those colours.

The Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador gets a new 6.5 liter V12 engine that produces 700hp at 8,250rpm and 690Nm at 5,500rpm. Lamborghini used a carbon fiber monocoque with an aluminium subframe, produced in-house by Lamborghini with help from Boeing and the University of Washington. 100km/h is reached in less than three seconds, 200km/h in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 217mph makes it one of the fastest supercars on the market.

With over 1,000 Lamborghini Aventadors on the road, it was only time before some of these colours appeared. The most cliched colour of all is probably the chrome gold wrap. It’s become a common colour for supercars in the past, and you’ll see an example in the gallery. Another vibrant hue is the Fuschia Lamborghini Aventador owned by Nassar Al Thani and often spotted in London. That particular car features a set of upgrades from Oakley Design and Lamborghini Newport Beach.

More standard colours to appear include a matte yellow example, probably ordered from the factory as such. We’ve also seen a similar colour to the Lamborghini Aventdor J’s red become popular, we’ve seen two so far. A dark blue was spotted on the production line too, although we are yet to see this car on the streets. Mansory recently released a full carbon Aventador too!

Finally, we also have the wraps. Gumball 3000 cars are the obvious ones here with the Lamborghini Aventador receiving attention from two teams; Team Galag and Team Salamone! An Arab Aventador spotted around Europe recently wears a contrasting Orange and Matte Black wrap and, last but not least, a Chinese Aventador has been spotted with SV stickers!

Thanks to all the photographers for photos. If you’ve seen a different coloured Aventador, be sure to sent us a picture!

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  1. I caught the dark blue Aventador in Kingston, NY yesterday. if you go to my facebook i posted a few pics there. The owner was willing to open it up for pictures, and let me sit in it. It’s great to see owners that aren’t jackasses about people taking pictures and looking at it.


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