Master detailer Jay Purcell from Miglior Detailing send us a series of pictures and a story covering his latest project; a lovely Dark Blue Porsche 996 Turbo, which is ten-years-old now. The customer requested light correction detail to remove around 85-90 percent of the defects, full wheel refurbishment, leather detail, brake caliper re-finish and brake hub refinish.

The car was taken outside and thoroughly washed, then brought in for the real work to begin! The photos show after a wash how many swirls there were in the paint. This robbed the paint from its true colour and clarity. Ten years of bad washes have no doubt caused this, according to Jay.

The car was clayed, dried and they then inspected the paintwork under various lighting to spot any repairs if any. They also checked the paint thickness. They moved onto the paint correction stages. The following all demonstrate the amount of defects removed from the clear coat, bringing back the colour shine and gloss. Please note the after shots were taken before any refining.

As with a lot of Porsches, unfortunately the rear wiper has been placed down incorrectly and cut through the paint. This is worryingly common, which sucks. To fully repair this the whole rear quarter would need repainting plus blending any surrounding panels. The owner asked Jay what he could do. In the end there was still evidence of it, as the scratch has gone through the clear coat, but no longer a ghastly mess on the panel.

Some more before/after photos of various areas during paint correction. Under Metal Halide lighting to properly show up the defects, plus IPA wipe downs.

Now it was time to get the wheels off the car for the next stage of the job. The calipers had suffered during the years, and the discs were looking tired. The lacquer on the calipers had failed due to brake fluid leaking on them during servicing.

Now the wheels had really seen better days. These were fully refurbished.

Now, all that’s been done all the finishing items were carried out including: seals, panel gaps dusted, arches dressed, tyres dressed, paint waxed, exhaust tips, glass cleaned and sealed, and many other items were done as well.

The paint was waxed with Swissvax Shield. The carpets were cleaned and extracted as much as they could be. They came up quite well for ten-year-old fabric! All the leather inside was properly cleaned and protected. The owner was over the moon with how fresh the leather looked afterwards!

This is the final result! Feel free to share your opinion on the final result.


  1. Such nice work on this amazing car. I would love to have somebody done this to my E46 BMW. It´s hard work if you are not very exerienced with what you actually have to do.

    Good article!


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