More than 175 different cars ‒ spanning nearly a century of automobile history ‒ will go under the hammer this August. The cars were part of the Aalholm Automobil Museum, once home to one of Europe’s largest collections of antique cars. Sadly though, the Danish museum was forced to close its doors in 2007.

The museum was founded by auto enthusiast Baron J.O. Raben-Levetzau, who assembled a wide variety of cars over four decades. The collection features a number of cars from the early days of motoring. These include a very early 1896 Léon Bollée Voiturette, a 1899 De Dion-Bouton Tricycle, a 1900 De Dion-Bouton Four-Seat Vis-à-Vis and a 1900 Decauville Roadster.

Among a long list of highlights, other notable entries for the sale include a 1911 Rolls-Royce 40/50 hp Silver Ghost Roi des Belges Tourer (pictured above). Furthermore two rare and important pre-war Bugatti’s ‒ a 1931 Type 40A Tourer and a 1938 57C Stelvio Drophead Coupe by Gangloff ‒ will be offered. A remarkably original, right-hand drive 1928 Mercedes-Benz Nürnburg Limousine, a 1932 Hispano-Suiza HS26 Cabriolet-Victoria, a very rare surviving 1938 Maybach Zeppelin DS8 Roadster and an unrestored 1963 Ferrari 250 GT/E will be auctioned as well.

But the Baron collected more machines beside automobiles, like a replica of the Wright Flyer, the “first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot aboard.” Train enthusiasts could bid on the 1890s Danish Royal Carriage, a recreation of the luxurious train carriage belonging to the Danish royal family.

The auction will be held on the 12th of August in Denmark and all lots will be presented without reserve, meaning these items will be sold to the highest bidder, without regard to a minimum price.

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