Rendering Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

A report at Automobile Magazine sheds some light on the future of Lamborghini and the upcoming new models from the Italian car brand. Due to the success of the Aventador, the future of the supercar maker looks bright.

At the Detroit Auto Show in January, the Aventador roadster should see its official release. Unlike the soft-top solution in the Murcielago, Lamborghini will use a pair of easily removable panels, creating a targa setup.

The annual Geneva Motor Show in March 2013 will showcase a brand new model. According to the report, a roomier and slightly softer-edged Aventador GT will show its face. This top-secret new coupe may feature an extended wheelbase, two small rear jump seats, and a different door concept, probably with short rear suicide panels.

Rumours say that this GT will be shaped less aggressively than the mid-engine two-seater it’s based on. Production feasibility is also unknwon at this stage depends on the investment and marketing impact.

The third model based on the Aventador is a more harcore version commely refered to as the SuperVeloce. It is planned for 2014 and will be powerd by the same 6.5 liter V12 delivering 750 horsepower instead of 700. After the mid-cycle update due in late 2015, the output jumps to an even more awesome 770hp, which corresponds to a very muscular power-to-weight ratio of 4.2 pounds/hp. The total lifecycle of the Aventador is expected to be eight years.


  1. Why Audi doesnt built a supercar, what based on the R10-R18, for example. And use Aventadors engine. Or use Audis own V10 or V12.

  2. does this really need rumouring? look at how many gallardo versions there are lol.

    also @ kulle85

    audi already has a V10 supercar. its the R8 V1 -.-
    which uses a lamborghini V10. audi doesnt have a V10 or V12

  3. Gallardo is the most profitable car Lamborghini has ever made…With that in mind all the versions of it is not strange at all…boring after 10 maybe…but not strange at all! I dont know how profitable the Aventador is but they sell much less pieces with a higher cost of producing so i dont think we can expect as many versions of it…but a roadster is given to happen…the question is when it will be here…and for all the V12 supercars they┬┤ve made a SV version….so there will be a Aventador SV or GT or what ever they call it this time….The most epic thing would be if they made versions like they did with the Diablo which had a slightly longer life than they expect the Aventador to have but they made VT, SV, GT, Roadsters….etc!


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