According to a report at AutoExpress, Bugatti is working on a successor to the Veyron, which could be a hybrid. The new hypercar is also expected to be lighter, faster and is likely to bear the Veyron badge again.

“We are working on the next super-sports car,” said Bugatti’s chief vehicle engineer, Jens Schulenburg to the UK car magazine. The Veyron successor will remain the flagship model including the latest technology and materials available on the market.

“The big challenge on the next car will be reducing weight – we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fiber. Hybrids are definitely something we are looking at too,” Schulenburg said.

With these kind of statements we could easily say that Bugatti is planning to release a hypercar, which is faster than the record-holing Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. This fastest road-going car boosts 1200hp, a top speed of 434km/h (269.8mph) and a sprint time from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) of just 2,5 seconds. 300km/h (186mph) is reached in 15 seconds.

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  1. Pardon me while I fall over laughing my ___ off ! The Automotive Oxymoron of the decade yet some folks still don’t get it . Hybrid ….. VeryGoneWrong . Baaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ( jeeze thats beginning to hurt ) ha ha ha ha

    Pushing the boundaries of what is possible indeed ! More like sucking up to public pressure and the Bean Counters is more like it …… Baaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha

  2. @deege, hybrid not electric xD, it only needs a kers of many hp, and a supercapacitor, they don’t even need a battery to make a hybrid…

    Copy and paste from Ferrari future enzo with V16

  3. @ urdrago

    Yeah right . KER’s . Cause of course it works so well and is so absolutely reliable in F1 thats just what you want on your Supercar .. pretentious or not . KER’s . Next thing the likes of you will be begging for DRS as well . Cause like KER’s thats doing such a fine job of being reliable in F1 as well .

    Thank god for the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg … foregoing all this pretentious technology for technologies sake virtual BS and simply getting down to the business at hand – Performance .

  4. @GuitarSlinger But, how can I say? what do you think is the Bugatti veyron Spoiler? It’s active aerodynamic’s, wich is copy and paste of the DRS(Well reverse cause the veyron is older than the DRS).
    Don’t claim about the DRS please, cause you can see one at Ehra Lessien…

  5. @GuitarSlinger The KERS is capped by MR ECClestone, the one of the enzo will surely be more powerfull than the 2013-2014 F1 Ferrari cause it will not be.


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