Patent drawings, which surfaced in February, showed a very special four-door version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. New information stated by Ola Källenius, CEO of AMG, in an interview with Autovisie revealed that a four-door version of the SLS is absolutely not planned.

According to the CEO, the drawings were an old concept, which came up during the development of the SLS AMG. As shown in the picture gallery below it was no ordinary four-door as Mercedes-Benz combined the famous gullwing doors with a set of rear-hinged demi doors.

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  1. Phew !!! At least one of the majors is showing some semblance of good taste . Not making the SLS 4dr IS the correct call . Now if AM would dump the Signet , Ferrari the FF , Maserati and Lamborghini their SUV/CUV’s ( as well as the Ferrari SUV y’all have yet to see … wink wink ) as well as VW-Audi dump the entire Bugatti thing … well . The Exotic car World visually speaking would be a much much better place


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