Lexus LFA

Rumours emerged that the limited Lexus LFA (500 pieces) is nearly sold out. Apparently the last ten cars on the initial production run are up for sale. Based on reports from mid 2011 Lexus aimed to produce 20 LFAs a month and was on par from a December 2010 production start, this would mean that by the end of this year all 500 Lexus LFAs could be produced. Although Lexus wouldn’t comment if the 500 LFAs including 50 Nurburgring Editions are indeed nearly sold out, it is a good moment to look back at what Lexus achieved with its special supercar.

Back in 2005 the Lexus LFA was first presented as a concept car, it made its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show four years later in October 2009. With a base price of $375,000 US it was one of the most expensive Japanese cars ever and from its launch on position in a special league of supercars. We had the pleasure to review the Lexus LFA in Monte Carlo in 2010. Over the years more and more rumours hit the web that Lexus enjoys playing in the supercar league and works on a Lexus LFA II.

[via Autoguide]


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