Spyshots Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG Test Mule

This is the little brother of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, SLC AMG. Via Teamspeed we came across the first spyshots of the test mule, which was spotted at the AMG test center just outside the Nürburgring. The mule is clearly based on the SLS, but slightly shorter than the SLS both in the wheel base and the front overhang.

The SLC ‒ internally referred to as R 190 ‒ is scheduled to hit the showrooms in 2014 as coupe. The roadster variant of the Mercedes SLC will follow 18 months later. The SLC will be powered by a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 which produces 550hp and 700Nm. The estimated pricetag will be in the range of € 115,000 – 150,000, which puts the ‘Baby SLS’ in a similar price category as the Porsche 911.

For more pictures visit Teamspeed.


  1. Its got the same amount of power as the SLS and I’m assuming it weighs a little bit less because of its smaller size. I just don’t really get why they are making this, I don’t know maybe it’s stupid but I feel like they should leave the SLS and maybe start a completely new project.

  2. I’m with Alex. Even with the SLS’s 20hp increase this is just too close to it and pointless. It ruins the prestige of the SLS.

  3. Alex isn’t the only one confused by this so called ‘ Baby SLS ‘ . The fact is I’m seriously beginning to question whether or not the photo is genuine ….. partly because the ‘ facts ; being quoted by Teamspeed after placing an inquiry to my AMG ‘ insider ‘ are proving to be blatant fantasy .

    Methinks this Teamspeed ‘ Myth ‘ may of just been ‘ Busted ‘

  4. Here’s the real poop and photo’s of the proposed SLC AMG ;


    Pay attention to a few key comments such as ” up to 500 HP ” etc and suddenly the Teamspeed info looks more fiction than fact than it did earlier

    According to my source this post is closer to being accurate ( as well as more photos ) though everything Spec Wise is still up in the air and to be decided upon for the car .


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