Video Tamara Ecclestone and Her Black Lamborghini Aventador

Supercarsoflondon filmed celebrity Tamara Ecclestone and her boyfriend Omar Khyami step into their blacked out Lamborghini Aventador and leave.

The video was shot somewhere in London where Tamara has a luxurious house and garage with her other supercar a Ferrari 599 GTO.

The daughter of Bernie Ecclestone was spotted before stepping into the same car three weeks ago.


  1. Let the MMTB countdown begin . I’ll give her another six months max , before she wrecks/trashes it .

    ( oh dear ! I Hope Uncle Bernie isn’t watching this site as he seems to be over Peterborough way . I’d hate to get booted here for insulting dear old Uncle Bernie as well . Me likes the GTSpirit folks )


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