Saleen S7 on ADV.1 Wheels

ADV.1 Wheels latest project is this, the Saleen S7. In conjunction with AE Performance, the US wheel supplier fitted a set of ADV5.2 Track Spec SL’s to the all-American supercar. These particular wheels were chosen as they are one of ADV.1’s lightest. Minimum weight, maximum performance, maximum aesthetics.

The ADV5.2 Track Spec SL’s feature a split five-spoke design. They are three-piece forged wheels, designed to feature as little metal as possible without damaging the strength of the product. Each wheel features an individually etched titanium name plate and titanium bolts. This particular set feature matte black centers with brushed gunmetal lips. The sizes are the same as the factory wheels meaning, 19×9.5 inches at the front and 20×12 in at the rear.

The Saleen S7 went on sale in 2002. It featured an all-aluminum 7.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine putting out 750hp. It featured a steel spaceframe chassis and a carbon fibre reinforced, aluminium honeycomb. The car is rear wheel drive with a theoretical top speed of 248mph and a 0-100km/h time of 3.2 seconds.

[Via Luxury4Play]

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