Official SpeedArt Boxster S (981) SP81-R

German tuner SpeedArt is the first company to release a tuning program for the brand new Porsche Boxster S (981), called SP81-R.

The SP81-R bodykit features a rear wing, rear diffuser, side skirts and a front chin spoiler. The new rear wing can be mounted on the rear deck lid over the original spoiler and is painted in the SpeedArt bicolor optic.

Ther tuner has different power kits available for both the 981 Boxster and Boxster S engine offering up to 20hp and 20Nm extra. A new sport exhaust system with sport-catalysts and manifolds can be combined with several tailpipe designs. You can even get the exhaust with a sound switch function. A light Titanium sport exhaust system will be available in a later stage.

SpeedArt offers the 20 and 21 inch LSC-Forged wheel for the Boxster (S). The wheel is a light forged wheel availiable in different center star and outer rim colors. Different sport suspensions for street and race track are also on the SP81-R option list. Next to the sport suspensions with sport springs and the adjustable sport suspension you can get an airlift suspension to maintain the everyday practicality of cars with the SP81-R bodykit.

Inside the cabin, you can opt for a variations of leather and Alcantara similar to the Porsche 911 (991) SP91-R package released at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 and driven by us a month ago.

Official SpeedArt Boxster S (981) SP81-R 01

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