MTM had three models at last weekend’s Sport Auto Tuner Grand Prix event; the MTM Q3, the MTM T 500 and the MTM McLaren MP4-12C. We’ve yet to see the German tuner’s official specification for the MP4-12C, all we can tell you is it is fast! It recorded a time of 1.08,979 minutes with Florian Gruber at the wheel. One of the fastest times in the C15, Supersport class.

The MTM Q3 set a time of 1:18,192 min with the MTM T 500 2.5 TFSI 4motion going seven seconds faster. The Q3 was piloted by Florian Gruber and the T 500 by Dieter Heubacher! MTM also fielded two classic models in Class 16, the first was an MTM-prepared DTM Audi V8 from the Belgian Championship in 1991, the second, an Audi Quattro S1 MTM. Both are road legal. The V8 scored a time of 1.13,513 minutes while the Quattro went nine seconds faster for forth place.

Just to recap on the specs, the MTM T 500 2.5 TFSI 4motion is based on the Volkswagen T5. It’s no normal van though. It features an in-line five-cylinder producing 472hp at 6,900rpm, 625Nm of torque and a top speed of 280km/h. The MTM Q3 uses Audi’s 2.0 liter TFSI engine producing 310hp thanks to a sports exhaust system, a new turbo and an ECU update.

As we said above, we are still waiting for MTM’s McLaren MP4-12C upgrades. When we spoke to them at the end of last year, MTM told us that the car would receive performance upgrades and an enhanced sound treatment. The 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 should see an improvement in power figures at the very least!

For a full round up of the 2012 Tuner Grand Prix, please visit our earlier article.

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