ADV.1 recently unveiled the brand new ADV10.01 wheel design. To create as much of an impact as possible, ADV.1 fitted them to a Novitec Ferrari F430! This is ADV.1 Head Designer and President Jordan Swerdloff’s personal F430.

The ADV10.01’s on this particular car are single-piece, concave, superlight forged units. They measure 20 inches and feature a new gloss bronze liquid finish. They feature a mesh-like design with five spokes that then branch off to ten spokes, multiplying to twenty spokes before they touch the rim.

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  1. I’ll be honest. These blow me away. ADV.1 makes some incredible wheels. Stock+ is my personal preference for wheel style and these hit it perfectly. ADV.1 is king. These would look killer on an R8 as well.


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