Video Three Ferrari 250 GTOs in Paris

This is a very expensive movie, considering there was about 75 million dollars worth of cars in front of GTspirit representative Alex Smolik. No wonder, he was face to face with three models of one of the most iconic cars in the automotive history.

Only 36 Ferrari 250 GTO were built (and three Ferrari 330 GTO, which look very similar, which is why some people say there are 39, but it’s really 36+3). Famous owners of this iconic and legendary cars include Ralph Lauren, Nick Mason.

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  1. Three ? Heck that aint nuthin there mates !

    Oh are you guys gonna be bowin down in envy towards me in just about a second or two .

    Last years Colorado Grand 1000 . Six ! Count em mates . Six original Ferrari GTO’s ! Right there in front of my very eyes . For the entire event . ON the road i might add and driven in anger on those wonderful Rocky Mt backroads . Might of even gotten a ride/drive or two .

    You’re not worthy ! :o) But thats OK anyway . You may commence drooling


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