Video Ferrari FXX Evolution at Monza Race Track

Following two videos of the Ferrari 599XX at the Monza Race Track at the Ferrari corse clienti, we can now share with you a video made by YouTube member NM2255 of the Ferrari FXX Evolution at the same event.

The Ferrari FXX is a high performance race car based on the street-legal Enzo. The FXX is used exclusively on the track as part of a specific ongoing research and development program. Customers pay € 1.5 million, but are only allowed to drive the car on special track days which are approved by Ferrari. After they drive the car, the owners are entitled to be briefed by Ferrari on the car’s performance.

The FXX’s engine is based on the Enzo’s V12, but displacement has been increased to 6,262cc from 5,988cc. Output has been boosted from the Enzo’s 651hp, to 789hp at 8,500rpm. The maximum torque is 686Nm at 5,750rpm. Thanks to these performance figures, the FXX is able to reach a top speed of 391km/h.

In 2008, the FXX improved under the Evoluzione kit, which will continually adjust specifics to create more power, quicker gear changes, and to lower the car’s aerodynamic drag. The V12 engine will generate 850hp at 9,500rpm giving theoretical top speed of 400km/h and 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds. The maximum torque has slightly increased to 690Nm at 5,750rpm. There will be gearbox changes so that shift time will be reduced to 60 milliseconds per shift, a reduction of 20 milliseconds. The FXX’s equipped with this package also received a new livery in addition to new rear wing profiles.

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