Koenigsegg CCX Scares Woman

Styling, performance and sound ‒ supercars are meant to impress. And the Koenigsegg CCX roaming the streets of Monaco during Top Marques surely impressed an unsuspecting pedestrian. The Swedish monster growls and notice the response of the poor women!

[Via Shmee150]

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  1. I’m not sure if the lady was scared , or just turned quickly to catch a glimpse of what it was that was going by so fast . From the looks of it full screen I’ll go with the later .

    Nobody in Monaco is going to be ‘ scared ‘ by a Supercar blasting by . That happening is a daily if not hourly occurrence ;-)

  2. @GuitarSlinger You’re an idiot, she was scared. You dont hop, skip and jump when catching a glimpse.

    I bet you being told that is a daily if not hourly occurrence ;-)


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