A 1990 Ferrari F40 has showed up on eBay and is for sale in New Orleans, Louisiana for those of you interested. The current owner bought this F40 from the private collection of the first owner in 2004 with 800 miles on the odometer.

In February 2012, this F40 completed a full service, mileage at end of service and current is 6699 miles. This F40 has all of original body parts, The paint is glossy and the body has no defects. The interior is clean and has no blemishes. The car is mechanical sound and the engine compartment has no fluid leaks. The tires are the proper size and match.

The price tag is 595,000 dollars. Interested? Click here!

For Sale 1990 Ferrari F40 in New Orleans Louisiana 01

For Sale 1990 Ferrari F40 in New Orleans Louisiana 02

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