Following part 1 of Alex Smolik’s experience on the Rallye de Paris 2012, we can now share part 2 with you. On the second day, the particiapnts woke up with rain, but seeing the F40 and 430 Challenge outside in the hotel parking lot gave everybody a smile: what a beautiful view to wake up to.

The Sunday was a quieter day, less driving on the roads to reach the Dijon-Prennois track, very quiet roads. The weather was very bad, and it rained from time to time, and sometimes quite heavily! It didn’t stop the participants from enjoying and having fun.

Sadly, the Gumpert Apollo S left the event a bit early and returned to Paris. But it was no big deal, considering the incredible group of participants. The straigh-line of the Dijon-Prennois track is quite impressive: very long, it allows to gain some serious speeds before braking. In the video below you will see numerous supercars and sports cars trying to find the racing line while passing by other cars on the busy track. In the afternoon, they left for Paris, and arrived around 19:00.

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