The awarded and internationally featured Volvo Amazon two-door estate is now up for sale. The car was build by an employee at Koenigsegg and is Sweden’s coolest Volvo 2006.

The car is powered by a Volvo 2.8 liter T6 Vocks technology engine producing up to 800hp and 900Nm on E85 fuel. The engine is linked to six-speed Getrag gearbox. The tubular chassis was specifically built for this auto.

The wided body has moved wheelarches and was rebuild to a two-door estate. It has a custom made grill, lowered bumpers, fueling from roof and much more. The special tuning project runs on BBS Le Mans or AEZ Forge A rims fitted with 8,5×19 235/35-19 inch Pirelli P-Zero tyres at the front and 9,5×19 275/30-19 inch Pirelli P-Zero tyres at the rear.

Interested? Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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  1. Amazing creation,you would think that in the drag race it would just start falling apart but it kicked the 458’s butt,unbreakable chassis

  2. Hi,

    Before seeing this advert I had seen the YouTube videos and was totally blown away by this awesome machine.

    I was about to undertake an Amazon Estate project myself but this made me realise I could never achieve the quality of installation and finish as this supercool car. And so I would like to know if it is still available and, if so, how much?

    And if nothing else could you tell me where you got the amazing wing mirrors as I simply must have a pair of them!!


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