After seeing the SUV concept from Bentley in 2012 Geneva Auto Salon, we can easily say that the popularity of these cars is continue to grow.

Thanks to WorldCarFans member Momoyak we can now show you a rendering of a Jaguar SUV that might come close to the final looks when Jaguar decides to turn this rendering into reality.

What exactly Jaguar is planning is unknown so far, but given the fact that the realization cost for an SUV could be limited because of the use of platforms provided by sister brand Land Rover and the fact that the English brand constantly wants to be competitive with Mercedes, BMW and Audi we believe its realistic that we could see a Jaguar SUV over the coming years.


  1. That is a nice looking car but only because it is a stretched image of the XF estate! Why not actually design something new which would then be considered as a rendering. Until then, this a mere manipulation of a photograph. Lazy.


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