The latest news from Italiy suggests that Pininfarina may build a limited run of its Cambiano plug-in hybrid coupe concept, which was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Salon on Tuesday last week.

The Cambiano Concept comes from the pen of designer Fabio Filippini. It has a number of unconventional aspects including the arrangement of the doors with only one door on the drivers side, yet two on passenger side. It also has no B-pillar to facilitate access and to maximize the interior space and comfort for the four seats.

Pininfarina CEO Sergio Angori told Automotive News Europe at the show:

We are evaluating the potential for companies and private buyers interested is a high-performance, low-emission luxury model such as the Cambiano. If we built ten units, each Cambiano would cost about 1 million euros. If the production run were increased to 70 to 75, the per-unit price would fall to 400,000 euros. It would take 24 to 30 months to start production of the Cambiano, which would probably have a diesel-powered internal combustion engine as a range extender rather than the diesel-fueled turbine in the concept.

The Cambiano concept has an electric motor linked to each wheel that delivers 60kW as well as peaks of 150kW for short periods. The maximum output is limited by the battery capacity to 500kW, equivalent to 680hp. The 800km range includes 205km in full-electric mode, and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds.

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