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Remember when Top Gear reached 10 million fans on Facebook and they blew up a caravan? Well, that was back in January now the Top Gear team moved on to wonder what to do when they reach 15 million fans on Facebook. They asked us what would the GTspirit readers and fans like us to do? So please tell us in the comments below (no registration required)! Here are some ideas that have already been suggested:

  • Drift 15 1 million dollar cars in sync
  • Crush a Prius, then have it ground up and recycled
  • Get 15 Morris Marina’s or Caravans. Line them up side by side and then run the over with a Challenger tank
  • A trip from Scotland to London on lawnmowers
  • Blowing up a Bugatti Veyron
  • An atomic explosion in the desert, on a Lamborghini Reventon
  • Ferrari demolition derby
  • Put a V8 in a reliant Robin
  • Race a sports car along ‘The Isle of Man’ TT race
  • A road trip.. across Germany.. in Volkswagen Beetles

What’s your suggestion?

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  1. DON’T blow up anything nice, thats for sure. So the veyron-thing can be scrapped as an idea. Top gear appreciates good cars, they dont destroy them!=)

    The challenger tank-idea seems tempting… Or why not run over 14 morris marinas/caravans, and one prius? That would be awesome!

  2. agree, don’t blow up or damadge supercars! dump a hybrid prius or something similar into the ocean! we don’t want the electric car, we want V8s and V10s and V12s and V16s and…..

  3. Dedicate an entire episode to the best 15 engine and exhaust notes. No stupid sketches, no stupid music overdubbed, just the noises.

  4. How about give away a car…? It doesn’t have to be a super or hypercar, but something practical and something they rate very high.

  5. Roadtrip around the world, NO DOUBT! Something like the Gumball 3000 back in 2006.. Jezza, Hamster and May in their favourite cars going around the world or at least as far as possible! Like a really long roadtrip! Maybe Coast to Coast.. NYC – LA?


    To celebrate the next Facebook milestone, why not wire up a grid of illuminated tube lights following the shape of the TG test track. As the Stig does his hot lap and drives over the tube lights they will explode, creating a somewhat ‘challenging’ driving environment, and also being quite entertaining to watch! This will need to be filmed at night for maximum effect and the supercar will of course need to be fitted with some firm, run-very-flat tyres.

    From mid-April 2012 our friends at the European Union will be banning the production and importation of certain sizes of fluorescent tubes, so this is a great opportunity to do this whilst we still can and turn the Dunsfold circuit into something resembling a giant flashing and pulsating fruit machine for the Stig to destroy in a blaze of mini explosions.

    As a lap of the track is approximately 1.75 miles (2.82 km) long, we will need many thousands of fluorescent tubes, but it’s all in the name of a good cause.

  7. @Nick Richards: Neon tubes contain a very toxic powder that no one should ever inhale. Your idea would be very spectacular but potentially catastrophic.

  8. Irrespective of what happens, PLEASE do the lawn mower trip! Clarkson’s commentary would probably get me into hospital from all the laughing!!!

  9. Make top gear the movie around the world in 80days . if you want to see it made join out group on facebook. we have got 3,400 members at the moment


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