Jameslist is selling this 1985 Ferrari F40-F50 styled replica ‘professionally’ built by the Tojan Motor Car Company. It is Tojan, not Trojan. The basis is a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with a V8 engine.

According to the sales ad, the body has remarkable lines and sculpturing, plus a rear spoiler wing for additional performance. Yes, additional performance, we would rather say the opposite! Seller Lance Motors even says it’s an extra bonus that the car is a hatchback. “You can either take two additional passengers in the rear of lower the back rest for a sports car look.”

And the wonderful statements continue saying this vehicle is the best of both worlds. “It is a high-tech European ultra sports car styling with modern trouble free easy to maintain high performance American mechanics.” You even have a removable tinted glass t-top for open air convertible feeling without a cloth top to worry about.

With a price of only $ 13,900 it seems we have the deal of our life here or is it not… Check it out for yourself right here.

For Sale 1985 Ferrari F40-F50 Styled Replica 01

For Sale 1985 Ferrari F40-F50 Styled Replica 02


  1. wish i could type something worth reading but i cant see my eyes are watery from wetting myself laughing never mind the cramps in my sides. oh this is so funny


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