It was only a matter of time until a wheel company got to fit an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione with a set of aftermarket rims. Forgiato are well known for applying their range of wheels to a diverse range of cars, naturally they were the first to put their own style to the Italian sports car.

If the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is short of one thing, it certainly isn’t flair or style. Yet for some, the 8C could be a little too subtle with its beautiful curves and iconic design. Forgiato have fitted the Alfa with a set of 22 inch Maglia rims, finished in chrome with red accents and a carbon fibre wall.

The finish might not be to everyone’s taste but do remember, 500 different Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione’s exist, our guess-timates put that at 499 cars with the standard rims left. That makes this car uniquely different from the rest of them. When the owner gets bored, he can simply change back to the originals, or order a different type!

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