The following video shows an accident that happened at Yas Marina from the drivers perspective. It happened during a race at the Abu Dhabi-based circuit when a Seat Leon stopped in the middle of the track. A few corners into the race, the driver of a Renault Clio Cup Car leaves his breaking late. With his view obscured by other racers, he has no opportunity to react to the stationary vehicle.

The drama doesn’t end there though. The force of the original accident and a subsequent collision meant that the drivers door would not open. A fire starts beneath the dash board and the driver is forced to make a quick exit through the passenger-side door.

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  1. From what I saw he could’ve avoid the collision. He could’ve open the corner wider and to pass on the right side of the Seat into the safe zone. Instead he tried to pass from the left and jumped on the brakes which caused the wheels lock and the car skidded into the Seat.

  2. F**k off! I am racing and I am very familiar with the situation. He had to make split second decision and he made the wrong one. Not because he is a bad driver, it’s because in situations like this you don’t have a time to think it thru and you just react by reflex. I’m not saying he is a bad driver or that I’m better, I only said there was a way to be avoided. I’m sure he saw the video and he saw his mistake and next time won’t do the same thing. Just like i do when I make mistakes. You find your mistake and next time in the same situation your reflex is the right one.

  3. Man, i dont give a shit if you “race” or not.I do race too, on Forza on my xbox.You said it yourself :
    “in situations like this you don’t have a time to think it thru and you just react by reflex. “.
    Just stfu.


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