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Car Crash: 10-year-old Crashes Dad’s Maserati in Hong Kong

A 10-year-old American boy has been arrested in Hong Kong after taking his dad’s Maserati for a joyride and crashing it. He took the keys of the 2009 GranTurismo from an unlocked drawer inside the apartement and went for a drive.

The boy first hit a vehicle in a car park and continued another 300 meters before stopping at the side of a busy road. A person passing by called the police, who arrested the 10-year-old for driving without a licence and taking a conveyance without authority under the theft ordinance.

Eventually they released the boy on bail. The police stated there was no indication he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. The maximum punishment for this offence is seven years’ imprisonment and a fine, although the boy is likely to get off without charge because of his age.

The Italian sports car costs HK$ 1.6 million ($ 200,000) in Hong Kong.



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