A Jalopnik reader recently spotted an advert for a 2006 Ford GT with 38.4 miles on the clock. Nothing out of the ordinary there you say? The car could have sat in a collection for that period of time and only just been put up for sale. The advert picture shows the car in question, a Gulf liveried example, along with ten other cars. Then he read on to the end of the advert which stated ‘all of them will be sold’.

This lead to the inevitable question, does this eBay trader have fifteen unused Ford GT’s to sell? His original advert seemed to suggest this. However, the car has now been relisted with the section about selling the other cars removed, although the photos remain.

Either way, the car described in the advert is heritage blue and still has all shipping codes and covers attatched. It has been stored in an aircraft hanger with humidity control. What it? The current bid price is $ 210,100. The car is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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