With the demise of the Maybach brand, an opening has emerged for high-end focused luxury limousines. Bentley Chief Executive Wolfgang Duerheimer told Reuters at the Detroit auto show that Bentley intend to take full advantage of the demand. Stars such as Jay-Z, Samuel L. Jackson and King Juan Carlos have been regular Maybach customers in the past.

By killing the Maybach brand, Daimler officials have reopened a niche in the luxury limousine market. Customers such as Jay-Z and Roman Abramovich chose the Maybach models based on the brand association, Maybach only made one model, and the fact that it was the most expensive in the market. Daimler will attempt to fill the gap with a Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman, but the more likely option is that buyers will look to brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Duerheimer has already heard from several Maybach customers and intends to personally write to many more. To back up his claims, Michael Tyndall, an auto specialist with Barclays Capital in London said “They wanted something more exclusive than a Mercedes in the first place, so Rolls or Bentley would seem an obvious substitution.”

Daimlers response to the news from Bentley was to tell the world that service facilities and parts for the Maybach will still be made available, even after the brand exits production.

[Via Reuters]

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