After seeing last week’s yellow accent Bentley Continental Supersports, this Porsche 997 Turbo comes as a natural progression. The owner opted to apply Metallic Silverlake as the base colour, Porsche prepared this individually as normally, this is a Bentley colour. On delivery, the owner had the dealership apply El Turbo Green coloured accents.

The thing we think really ruins this 997 Turbo though is the HRE polished aluminum 20 inch wheels. Whilst they might fit a Corvette or American muscle car perfectly, they really don’t a Porsche. Together with the paintwork, the wheels look cheap and tacky.


After this, the story starts to get better. Not content with the colour, he had Fabspeed Motorsports tune the engine. They gave it an ECU tune, a new exhaust, high velocity headers, a high performance air intake system and a set of Techart LED’s. It now produces 644hp and 677ft-lbs of torque.

The Bentley managed to maintain a respectable base colour, the Porsche manages to maintain a respectable interior. At least they both have one redeeming feature!

The car is currently for sale at Brighton Motorsports in Scottsdale, Arizona for $ 110,000.


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