Mario Balotelli Maserati GranTurismo

Manchester City soccer player Mario Balotelli was stunned yesterday when his £ 100,000 Maserati was seized by cops. This was only one day after he bought it.

The officers spotted the striker for English team and the Italian national team while driving on the M60 near Worsley, Salford.

The police officers pulled him over, and confiscated his Italian sport car, saying it might not be legally registered. Super Mario eventually showed his papers, which were in order.

Mario Balotelli Maserati GranTurismo 01

[Via TheSun]


  1. Er, you might want to recheck your source story. It is a 187mph car, not that he was doing 187mph. If he was caught doing 187mph he would have been thrown in jail.

    He was caught because they thought it wasn’t registered.

  2. Screw all governments.The Brits are just like the U.S. government.Always have to prove to them you’re legit.If not they will take your car and all else you own. Barely even give you time to show you are legit…What is this world coming too?


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